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1-3-1.... it's the Pitts!!

The story is the same, the Eagles suffered another loss, this time to a good Pittsburgh team. Carson Wentz played below average and had an abysmal QB rating of 75.7. The Eagles defense couldn't stop the steelers offense as veteran QB Ben Roethlisberger as his rookie WR Chase Claypool had their way! The Rookie out of Notre Dame had four TD's, three receiving and one rushing. Claypool, who was picked in the second round with the 49th overall pick by the Steelers has size, 6ft 4 in and is contributing, unlike the Eagles 21st pick Jalen Reagor. The Eagles are now 1-3-1 and have more injuries than you care to think about. The Eagles are talent starved in many areas, LB, DB and WR. The reason why the Eagles are 1-3-1 is because the GM and his staff cannot evaluate talent. Their draft choices haven't materialized and the free agents and trades make are sub-standard. It's that simple, when you don't have talent you will not win games!!! Another part to the equation is coaching. When you don't have the talent, the coaches have to do a better job preparing the players and put them in the right situations to succeed !! The coaching staff has failed!! In just three years removed from winning the Super Bowl the Eagles have regressed and its not going to get any better until the players get and remain healthy. It's not going to get any better until the coaching staff adapts to the players they have and change their offensive and defensive philosophy. With the Baltimore Ravens coming to town on Sunday, they better make it quick.

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