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A Disgrace in Dallas, Eagles get embarrassed, 37-10.

Adjectives that describe the Eagles effort and play in Dallas Sunday night. Embarrassing, Lethargic, Stunning, unprepared, horrible, miserable,Frustrating and gutless.

I could go on and on and on. This Eagles team lack of effort and unemotional lackluster play was on full display last night in Dallas. How could this team we were told by so many people including players and coaches be this bad?? Is there something going on inside the Locker Room that the public isn't privy to? Is this team not that talented, is this team really as bad as they played last night?? The offensive line looked old and didn't finished their blocks. On several occasions I saw the O line standing around watching the end of the play, If you want to watch, buy a ticket. Defensively they couldn't stop Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. The D line couldn't get penetration, The linebackers couldn't stop the run or cover the backs or tight ends and the secondary... well we know how bad they are!! What we learned Sunday in Dallas is that this team isn't is good as advertised and the coach and his staff have to be re evaluated. The players need to look themselves in the mirror and decide if they going to use this moment as a tool to start playing like men or boys!

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