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A Hollow win!

In the NFL they say a " win is a win" and it's true, especially when your a bad team that has suffered several injuries. On Sunday night the Cowboys marched into Philadelphia, a team in disarray, looking for their third win and a piece of first place in the NFC East. Dallas had to start their 3rd string QB Ben BiNucci due to a season ending injury to Dak Presscott and backup Andy Dalton with a concussion. This was a game that the Eagles would finally start to put it together and beat a Cowboy team in worse shape then our beloved Eagles. Jason Peters and rookie WR Jalen Reagor returning to the lineup would give them a spark needed to win in convincing fashion. Carson Wentz would play mistake free game and not turn the ball over. The fans could feel the enthusiasm build and the rhetoric thicken as we got closer to kickoff. A nationally televised game with first place on the line, what more can you ask for? How about a complete mistake free game. It was not to be. Eagles franchise QB Carson Wentz played, well like he's been playing all season. He turned the ball over four times during the game with two Interceptions and two fumbles. Wentz played like he was an undrafted rookie from James Madison University. Oh wait, that's where the Cowboys 3rd string QB is from. Wentz was 15 of 27 for 123 yards. That's Right, his QB rating was 61.2 which is what the Atlantic ocean temperature is in November off of Ocean City, NJ. If you didn't know it you would have thought those numbers would belong to Cowboys QB Ben DiNucci. Yes the Eagles won the game 23-9 and moved into sole possession of first place in the NFC least ( East). After watching this game I've come to the conclusion that the Eagles just are not that good. Carson Wentz has regressed and looks nothing like he did in 2017 or the last four games of last season. Head Coach Doug Pederson and his coaching staff doesn't possess the ability to get him right, if that's possible. The offensive line is banged up and getting old. The Linebackers lack the ability to cover TE's or stop the run. The defensive secondary isn't good enough to stop pro bowl caliber WR. The Eagles beat Dallas and that's always a good thing but I'm afraid what we learned on Sunday night is we're not that good!!

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