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A LackLuster Performance

The Philadelphia Eagles started the second half of their season with high expectations. They headed to North Jersey leading the NFC east with a 3-4-1 record to face the NY Giants. Many people assumed since the Eagles would have some of their starters returning from injury and coming off a bye week that they would beat the 2-7 Giants. Every so called "expert" picked the Eagles to win and start to turn around their fortunes from the first half of the season. Carson Wentz would use the bye week to look at film and finally learn from his mistakes and not try to do to much. With the return of some starters to the offense, Wentz would feel like he didn't have to make every play. Wentz, who leads the league with 12 interceptions and has fumbled 4x would protect the ball and limit the mistakes. People also assumed that since the Giants QB Daniel Jones also had a propensity to turn the ball over and facing a strong Eagles defensive line that the Eagles would win and even their record at 4-4-1 and solidify their hold on first place on the NFC East. Beating the Giants on Sunday would kick start their second half of the season and instill confidence heading into a stretch of their next five games against teams with a combined record of 32 -13. In effect Sundays game was a must. The Eagles needed to come out firing on all cylinders. They needed to play with urgency and put together a complete game to silence their critics and prove to themselves that they are a good football team.

Well, see what happens when you assume and when expectations aren't met. When people believe that your better than you are and Players don't play with the urgency or live up to the expectations set, its a bigger disappointment and letdown than ever!! On Sunday the Eagles ran on to the field and laid an egg. The game was frustrating to watch and the outcome was worst. The Giants beat the Eagles 27-17. The Giants ran the ball 36 times for 151 yards and three TD's. Giants QB Daniel Jones completed 21 of 28 pass attempts for 244 yards but more importantly he didn't turn the ball over. The Eagles defense didn't have an answer for a very average offense and when the Eagles needed a big stop, Giants QB Daniel Jones made the Eagles secondary look silly. The Eagles played uninspired football and turned in a Lackluster performance. The Eagles were penalized 11 times for 74 yards which either killed drives or extended the Giants drives. The Eagles were 0-9 on third downs. Head Coach Doug Pederson continued to go for two point conversions on two TD's one for two and was 1-3 on forth down tries. The biggest problem was that Eagles franchise QB Carson Wentz played disenfranchised. He turned in a sub-par performance going 21 for 37 for 208 yards. The lack of intensity and urgency was evident for a team that needed to show their fans and the NFC east that they are the team to beat. Instead they are the team that everybody beats!!!

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