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A long, long walk down memory lane.

Over the last 8 weeks, we in the TV and radio business ,that provide sports information and entertainment have filled our shows with great memories of great games of years gone bye. It's all we have, its all we can do to keep the show interesting. We run polls of who was the best player ever. We ask which team was the best of all time. It makes for interesting conversation but talk is cheap and its getting old! We need to stop all the talk, we need to get back at it!! The country has been fighting this Covid 19 pandemic long enough and people are starting to become frustrated with our leaders extending the quarantine while the numbers suggest that the worst maybe behind us. I, for one, want to see the sports world get back on its feet and start to compete!!!! Last weekend there were signs of life as NASCAR got underway with the a Cup series race at Darlington Raceway. We finally got the opportunity to watch live competition, albeit it was a sport that I never watch.... but it's a start!!!! No fans were in the stands! Golf showed signs of life as well. The MLB also has kicked around some Ideas on how it will open its season up. Some major league ball players even introduced their plans for beginning the season. Bryce Harper of the Phillies plan was interesting but in the end it will come down to money, as it always does. The NHL might finish out its season during the summer months, which begs the question, how many people will watch in the summer? The NBA and NFL will have the most interest and easiest time getting back. It's now a matter of time, it always was, I just never thought it would be this long! This long walk down memory lane has been, LONG!!!!

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