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Baseball is back! Phillies spring games start.

The Philadelphia Phillies opened up their spring training games on Saturday. While its good to hear the crack off the bat and the days grow longer, its to early to offer any analysts on some of the players and how they are progressing. What I can say is that the Phillies are in a very competitive division in the National league East. The Braves, the Nationals and the Mets all have formidable lineups and good pitching staffs. The Phillies have made some moves that keep them in the conversation but I'm not sure they have enough to propel them past the three aforementioned teams. Baseball is a funny game and anything can happen along the way, injuries, slumps and because of a long season where all 162 games count it is such a grind, the Phillies are in the mix. The Phillies picked up free agent pitcher Zack Wheeler a former NY Met and former Yankees Shortstop Di Di Gregorius. I like both acquisitions and I believe they will both make an impact on the Phillies this year but will it be enough, we will see!! The Phillies big question mark is and has been for the last couple of years, is the bullpen. Can they get production and consistency from the relievers. Another area of concern is JT Realmuto. The Phillies took the all star catcher to baseball arbitration. Realmuto was asking for 12 million this year and the Phils only wanted to give him 10 million. The arbitrator ruled in favor of the Phillies who now have to deal with Realmuto's upcoming free agency. We will see if this will affect his play. JT Realmuto doesn't appear to be disturbed by the ruling and has pretty much said all the rights things that indicate are is no animosity. So while springs hopes eternal we believe we have the team to make the playoffs and possibly play for another world series championship, you got to believe its true.

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