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Ben is Fantastic!! Leads Sixers to 2nd straight road win!

This Sixers team is a very frustrating group to watch. They have the talent to take it all the way to the finals. They have the fans that want to cheer this team on! They don't always bring it every game. This team has been very inconsistent and because of that inconsistency the fans get very frustrated. When you have the likes of Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid on your team you expect to be dominating the NBA's eastern conference.... but their not. With a record of 29-16 and holding the sixth seed and Embiid on the shelf, the Sixers need to have their other stars pick up their play. Going into Monday's matinee on MLK day against the Brooklyn Nets, the Sixers who struggle on the road with a 9-14 record got that performance out of one of their stars!! Ben Simmons had a monster game against the Nets, He lead the team with a 34 point trible double. His line read 34 pts, 12 rebounds, 12 assists, 5 steals on the way to a 117 - 111 win on the road! Very impressive game for Ben Simmons who is often criticized for not being more dominant and consistent. This is what people want to see him do more often. This is what he is capable of doing and when Sixer fans don't see it as often as they do, they get frustrated!! Sixers head coach Brett Brown said that when Ben plays with Spirit and determination this team is hard to beat. Come on Ben!!!!

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