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Can't they get just agree?

The country has been on hold for over eighty seven days now. Slowly, very slowly the states are opening up from the COVID-19 shutdown and allow business' to begin to have customers shop or dine at their establishments. NASCAR, the PGA have resumed their seasons. This Saturday the Belmont Stakes will be the first major horse race of the season to run. The NBA, NHL and the NFL all have start dates to resume or begin there seasons. The only sport that hasn't come to an agreement on when and how its going to start play, is Major League Baseball. The Players union and the owners haven't been able to agree on a financial deal that would get them back. Time is running out on the 2020 MLB season for them to get an agreement and have enough time to get at least half a seasons schedule in. However the fact that the Players and owners can't agree could be a sign of things bigger concern. Major League baseball and it's Players Union, who are very suspicious of each other and there is no love lost, are 18 months away from the expiration of their collective bargaining agreement that's been in place for the last 27 years. Maybe the reason they can't agree to anything is because the owners know they will have bigger fish to fry in the not to distant future. The owners probably don't want to go through two negotiations were they have to hold their ground. The players union wants to portray itself as an underpaid and under appreciated workforce, with free agent salaries going through the roof, its a tough sell.

In a time of national despair and millions of people out of work, we need baseball back. The Players and owners need to get by all the bull-crap and get going!!!! Baseball is Americas favorite pastime, and if they don't get their act together the will be a thing of the past. That would be a shame especially at a time when our history is being torn down and schools are trying to rewrite history, baseball needs to return NOW!!!!!!

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