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CANCELED! Compromised and quarantined !!!!

The world just stopped!! Just like that we have been exposed to the Wuhan China Coronavirus and everything has stopped. The NBA, NHL, MLB,NCAA, PGA, LPGA, NJSIAA and any other gatherings have canceled all operations until further notice. This is unprecedented and we are headed for uncharted territories as the fabric of our American society and culture, sports, schools, conventions and Hollywood hides from the unknown! The Federal, state and local governments in advisement of the medical world have decided the risk to the public is so great that all activities and public gatherings need to be canceled to stop the spread of a virus that is very contagious. As of today around seventy Americans have died from the Coronavirus but because we don't know how its spread and how to stop it, the government has decided to reduce the rate of transmission by canceling everything. Restaurants, Bars, movie theaters and gyms have all closed their doors. So what will we do?? Where will we go, if at all and how long will it last? Nobody has the answer to any of these questions. As a radio talk show host who is a parasite to sports is at a extreme loss. We love to talk about sports because it helps us escape reality and the riggers of everyday life. I will try to fill my show with fun content to entertain and inform people as we move forward together through the unknown. Lets hope this Coronavirus is eradicated as soon as possible so we can get our lives back in order!!!

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