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Coronavirus shutdown!! Day 22.

The Coronavirus shutdown has reached its 22nd day and there is no end in sight. The sports world is in hiatus for the most part. The NFL has made news with free agency, and without any nightly competition to report on we've been looking for alternative subjects to talk about. My radio show on 97.3 ESPN FM radio has now been effected. On Saturday we broadcasted live from my house and Scott McKay did the same. It was a unusual way to do it but we want to stay on the air during the crisis. Last Tuesday I ran a give away contest / donation to The Locker Room on Facebook. I asked for people to contribute to my Facebook fundraiser for a $10 shout out. The person that donated the most would receive a ESPN Locker Room T-Shirt. I have to sell advertising to pay and buy airtime from Townsquare media to broadcast my show on ESPN radio South Jersey. My Advertisers are the best but during this crisis , but its difficult for payments to be made at this time. New advertiser are not as inspired to start new campaigns in this environment. So I asked my friends on FB to participate, and boy did they. I hit my goal on the second day I posted. People I haven't seen in years, old and new friends alike were very generous!! I want to thank everyone who participated. I am very grateful and will be able to continue on for a few more weeks bringing you entertaining sports talk. Last week we had former NHL referee Paul Stewart on and he was very funny telling us stories from his long career in the NHL. Check out my podcast on most google podcast platforms.

My Friends who made a donation. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Sean McMillan Karen Stevens Chris Pileiro Pastor Sam Mountian

Chris Aumack Pat Ciervo Maria McCormick Mark Moss

Winston Speir Paul Ciervo Jim Dattilo Ken Dunek

Dom Mariani Peggy Blizzard Lisa Baumann Mark Rowan

Paul Rumbos Janet Catling Dave Rodgers

Eric Holloway Jackie Cassabone Beth Higbee

Philip Valianti Kathy Polt Tony Polumbo

Earl Clinton Dave Christinzio Chris Stanisci

Scott Barkley George Demitrew Carl DiMasi

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