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Covid-19, racial unrest... When will it stop? Start?

The country has been dealing with more than it can handle. Every night over the past two weeks we are seeing protests, and people ignoring the quarantine. What we haven't been seeing are live sports! During these very uncertain times we need something to divert our attention away from reality. Sports has always been a way to escape the rigors of life. Sports has always been a catalyst for galvanizing a community during controversial times. The Covid-19 pandemic and the social and racial unrest that this country is going through needs its medicine. SPORTS!!!! Sports is the antidote we need right now! On last Saturdays show, The Locker Room with Billy Schweim we had a candid conversation with Maria Taylor who is the host of College Gameday and a sideline reporter for college football telecasts on ESPN. Maria talked about how sports prepared her for her career covering sports and how it will help heal the country . Sports is such a integral and essential part of our culture and society, that when we don't have that outlet, we find other things to do. If you missed my interview with Maria you can go to my youtube channel; The Locker Room with Billy Schweim or if you want to catch the whole show check out my podcast on 7 podcast platforms, Google podcasts, spotify to name a few. We also started a campaign to get Brian Propp elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Brian, who spent 12 years with the Philadelphia Flyers, who hold several records playing Left wing, needs to be put in the Hall. Each week on the show we will continue to push for Brian's induction into the Hall. As we inch closer to the resumption of playing and watching sports we need to be mindful of keeping ourselves and our fellow citizens safe, happy and healthy!!!!!

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