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Danny Green Asking Fans to be Positive

John Clark from NBC Philly Sports had Danny Green on his podcast the other day and his comments were concerning. Danny stated, “For sure {the fans} has an effect on everybody and I think that's something that needs to change. In the city you know, I love our fans but you know when things aren’t going well they can turn on you. That is the one thing I disagree with. I think {fans} need to change and they need to be riding with us regardless. With a guy like Ben, I think they need to stick behind him.”

His response may be interpreted differently for some people but in my opinion, this is a problem for Philadelphia. How? The fan’s two jobs are: hold players and coaches accountable, and back up the team in tough and good times. Danny Green might not know how Philadelphia fans operate, but fans, in general, make players better after showing tough love. Danny Green’s statement about Ben was a shock for me because the culture in the locker room appears to allow Ben Simmons to do whatever he wants, but in reality, no one is willing to push the former number one pick to shoot. For now, the relationship between Philadelphia fans and Simmons is at a standstill but for Green to say fans should change is just wrong.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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