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Doug Gone it Eagles Lose again! Offense struggles.

Once again the Eagles offense struggled to score points against a Seattle defense ranked 23rd in the league. The Eagles offense with key injuries and a QB who hasn't played well recently needed to exploit Seattle's inability to stop the run. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, who has been under fire for his poor play calling, continued to be stubborn by refusing to RUN The Ball!!! Seattle's defense gives up 4.5 yards per carry 26 points a game you would think Doug and his staff would stick to staying on the ground. Miles Sanders was the featured running back with newly required Jay Ajayi back with the team would see the bulk of the work. However, true to form Pederson got away from the run. Carson Wentz attempted 45 passes and the Eagles only ran the ball 23 times. Despite Sanders averaging 5.3 yards a carry, Doug got away from the run! Two games in a row against two teams who were beatable, against two teams susceptible to the run, Doug refused to adjust his offensive philosophy. QB Carson Wentz was 33 of 45 for 256 yards and a below avg QB rating of 75.8. Carson Wentz and the Eagles fans can't blame his receivers completing 73.3 percent of his passes but missed on key downs that would keep drives alive. He threw 2 interceptions and fumbled once. Carson Wentz played poor, Pederson didn't put his team in a good position to win and this loss lands directly on their shoulders!!

The one bright spot was the defense!! They only gave up 17 points to the best QB in the league. Russell Wilson who rarely throws picks recorded an INT and recovered a fumble. The Eagles did relinquish 174 yards on the ground and didn't tackle well. However, when you only give up 17 points against the Seahawks and Patriots that should be enough to win but when your coach won't change his approach and a QB you isn't playing the like the Carson Wentz of 2017, your not going to win!!! The Eagles are 5-6 heading into Miami. They find themselves one game behind the Cowboys who lost the Patriots on Sunday. As bad as things look the NFC east is still up for grabs. The schedule is favorable for the Eagles with only one team left with a winning record, the Cowboys. If the Eagles can run the table and win the rest of their games, they can finish 10-6 and win the division.

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