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Eagles season comes to an end and to add insult injury, Wentz goes down.

This season started with player after player going down to injury. This team overcame adversity and pulled together and played with backups and guys off the practice squad to win the NFC east. With hopes running high for a first round win in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks, those hopes were dashed after 8 plays. Carson Wentz was injured on a cheap shot, helmet to helmet hit by Jadeveon Clowney. Wentz left the game with a possible concussion. Once again the Eagles had to play with another key injury. For the second time in his career Wentz played in all 16 games and with all the injuries accumulating,he put this team on his back and carried it to the NFC east title. I really believed that the Eagles were going to win on Sunday at the Link but when Wentz went down you could feel the energy leave the building. However, once again the Eagles pulled together and fought the good fight with a 40 year old backup QB Josh McCown. Wentz's injury was a microcosm of their season, only this time this injury was to much to overcome!! This season started with DeSean Jackson going down and week after week the Eagles lost key players. On December 1st the Eagles were 5-7 on the outside looking in on making the playoffs. From that time on the Eagles put together a four game winning streak with Carson Wentz playing great football with a band of backups. It was very exciting to watch and the Eagles went into last nights game with a lot of momentum. That momentum was stymied by aforementioned Jadeveon Clowney. I was at the game and the crowd was electric. You could feel the excitement in the air, you could feel the positive energy in anticipation of and Eagles win. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be for this team that resembled a MASH unit. In the end the injuries were to much to overcome and when you lose your starting QB at the start of the playoff game, it became a bridge to far to beat Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. This season had its ups & downs and ran the gamut of emotions. While I am very upset by how this season ended and all the injuries, I believe the Eagles gave their fans everything they had. Doug Pederson, who's play calling is suspect at times did an amazing job coaching and preparing his players and adapting to the guys left on the team. The Eagles season comes to an end, there will be changes to the roster, there always is but this team gave it everything they had!!

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