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Eagles win week 1. Fans take a beaten!

The Philadelphia Eagles won a very exciting game last Sunday against the Washington Redskins. The Eagles got off to a slow start and found themselves behind early 17-0. The Eagles first score of the 2019 campaign was a dramatic 51 yard bomb to DeSean Jackson from QB Carson Wentz. The Boo birds were out early after Washington's fast start fueled by the alcohol ( several fights at tailgates) and the Eagles inability to get the fans through the turnstiles in a timely fashion! The Eagles have made the fan experience a nightmare. They have done away with tangible tickets. The Eagles organization is trying to go high tech by using technology( smart phones) and the internet checking tickets at the gate. The problem is the internet isn't always connected. Fans screaming at the workers because the line isn't moving fast enough. Several people had problems having their tickets show up on their phones. The bright sunshine made it difficult for the staff to see the tickets. It was a nightmare getting into the stadium!! No more tangible tickets that you could always save as a souvenir. Thank God the Eagles woke up and came back to win the game, I hope the Eagles ticket office does the same!!

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