Flyers Take Down New Franchise, Seattle Kraken in Philadelphia

The Flyers dominated in all facets of the game when they beat Seattle 6-1, Monday night. NBC Sports analyst, Keith Jones said the Carter Hart save motivated the players in orange and black to excel in all categories against the Kraken. Kieth was right, Philadelphia won defensively, offensively. Even though the Flyers played a complete game, the area I want to focus on is the team's defensive ability. When Seattle played Columbus, the Kraken had communication issues in every area on the ice. On Monday night, Philadelphia took advantage of Seattle’s poor communication skills. In the first period, Kraken's center Morgan Geekie had the puck near the blue line in the Flyers zone and Geekie made a spin move while his teammate, Jeremy Laufon was on the left side trying to get Geekie to pass the puck. Morgan Geekie didn’t see and Joel Farabee pushed him down to give Philadelphia another possession in the zone. In the last period, Jonas Donskoi had the puck and his teammate Jared Mccann was on his left side in Philadelphia's zone, James Van Riemsdyk was already blocking Donskoi’s ability to pass straight ahead and ignored that request. He passed it to JVR’s right shoulder instead of passing it to his left side so his teammate Mccann could have a clear view of the puck. James Laufon did not communicate with his teammate to pass the puck in the correct path line which led to a turnover. The Flyers demolished Seattle in large part to the defense recognizing the Kraken’s mistakes. Those errors made Philadelphia have an easier job creating an offense that led to scoring a lot of goals.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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