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Iowa’s Defense Man-Handles Penn State’s Offense

On Saturday afternoon, number 3 ranked Iowa beat the fourth-ranked Nittany Lions 23 to 20. Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford left the game with a rib injury and Ta'Quan Roberson came in the second half to have problems moving the football up the field but the offensive line was another problem for Penn State.

Reasons the Offensive Line Failed Against Iowa

Most of Penn State’s unsuccessful plays were due to the quarterback but the offensive line failed as well. In the first quarter Penn State’s left guard, Rasheed Walker fought off a double team but did not realize LB Seth Benson was coming up the hole on the right side of Walker to sack Clifford. Rasheed Walker should have interrupted Benson’s path towards the quarterback so Clifford can scramble out of the pocket for a potential positive play. Fast forward to the fourth quarter, Roberson may have been part of the reason for the line’s issues in the second half but the offensive line committed almost six false starts. For instance, the Nittany Lion's right guard Juice Scruggs fell into the trap of Iowa’s defenders stepping forward to try to get Penn State to step early. Juice Scruggs wasn’t the only player to a false start in the fourth quarter, the flags consistently flew out of the refs' pockets for about 2 minutes straight. Penn State lost against the Hawkeyes 23-20 because of a lack of communication between the line and the quarterback in the second half.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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