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James Harden Is A Liar And The Sixers Are Better Off

Article Written by Michael Doctorovitz

Originally Published on November 3, 2023

The deal has finally been done and the James Harden era of the Sixers is thankfully over. Harden of course accomplished nothing here, aside from leading the league in assists.

One day after the trade, Harden wasted no time to open his mouth and complain about how the sixers played him saying that he played a different style and he needs the ball in his hands. Even though he had the ball in his hands every single possession possible.

He also was playing with the NBA MVP last season in Joel Embiid so he is delusional to think that the offense and the scoring would go through him. His new situation with the Los Angeles Clippers will not be much different. Kawhi Leanord will be the number one option and behind him is Paul George. At best, Harden will be the third option and he’ll still be fighting with Russell Westbrook for shot attempts.

Sorry Harden that we didn’t want you to play the same iso ball that didn’t win you anything in Houston. Thanks for ALMOST getting us to the Eastern Conference Finals by the way. Without Harden on the team, Tyrese Maxey has been running the point and thus far has flourished. Running the offense behind Maxey adds more speed and movement to the offense which has seemed to also help Tobias Harris who is averaging 20.5 points per contest on 63% shooting, including 47% from three.

Aside from Maxey and Harris, Embiid has continued his MVP form. In four games so far this season, Embiid is averaging 30.3 points per game and a career high seven assists per game. The trade has helped open up cap space for the team and has given them tradable assets while also bringing the fans back in on the organization.

Michael Doctorvitz,


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