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Joe Girardi Screws up the Bullpen

Saturday Night’s matchup against Miami was a night to forget. The Philadelphia Phillies lost 3 to 2 against the Miami Marlins behind horrible bullpen decisions by Girardi. Joe Girardi should have let Hector Neris or Connor Brogdon pitch longer with the way they were performing. When Archie Bradley came in he simply did not follow the same game plan as the first two relievers had the previous innings. How come?

Before those relievers came in Ranger Suarez used his fastball to have an advantage over the Miami Marlins batters. Neris and Brogdon followed the same strategy but used different speeds of the fastball to slow down the fish. Neris had a 70 percent chance of using the fastball to slow down the batters. Brogdon had a 48 percent chance of changing up speed on the fastball against Miami. The problem when Archie Bradley came in, he did not know how to switch up his pitches to fool the batters. For example, outfielders Lewis Brinson and Bryan De La Cruz both had advantages at the plate on 0-0 counts hitting fastballs in the same spot of the plate. The difference with Neris and Brogdon, their pitches and location were effective. Archie’s plan was to throw fastballs and unfortunately missed his locations. Joe Girardi should have put Connor Brogdon out for another inning to have a chance to keep the lead.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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