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Memories are made on the Field, Court and Ice, not sitting Idle.

Over the past 7 weeks the sports world has been put on hold and stopped dead in its tracks. Its been horrible for the citizens of the United States and people around the world who have had to hide from this terrible virus that has plagued our very existence. Our politicians and medical experts who advise our leaders ,have warned of the severity of the Coronavirus and how easily it can spread. As a result large gatherings of people have been prohibited and against the law. As a result sports, who play in front of large crowds are canceled and or postponed until a vaccine or better treatment is discovered. In the absence of live sports we watch or talk about memories of past great games. TV networks and radio stations are replaying and reliving great moments from the past to recapture the feeling of Winning! Forty six years ago the Philadelphia Flyers won their first Stanley Cup against the Boston Bruins. On my radio show we walked down memory lane with Legendary Flyers Goalie Bernie Parent. It was wonderful to hear Bernie tell funny stories, with that thick French accent, and reminisce about a sports event we will never forget!!! To hear our favorite announcer, Gene Hart with the last ten seconds of the call, brings chills up and down my spine. We are missing out on the creation of new memories. The damage that is being done to stop the spread of this Coronavirus is just as bad as the result of the virus itself.

When we begin to get back to " Normal", what will it look like? How will the games we love to watch and play be altered to prevent the spread of germs and other virus's coming, and they will come. How do you protect everybody from everything?? I wish we could live forever, unfortunately that's not how it works. That's why they call them memories, they last forever!!!

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