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Monday Night Misery!

The Eagles lost their third game in a row. This time it was at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks 23-17. The score was not indicative of the performance or effort of the team, especially the offense. Carson Wentz continued as one of the worst QB's in the league. Eagles Head coach Doug Pederson continued to call plays without tempo or direction, without rhyme of reason. The offensive line looked overmatched and bewildered throughout the game. The Eagles wide receivers couldn't get open or create separation enough for Wentz to have the confidence to throw their way. The offense looked totally inept and lacked enthusiasm. The fact is that this team stinks!! The fact is that this team lacks direction, it lacks confidence and it lacks talent !!! This is a total team meltdown from top to bottom. The General Manager Howie Roseman is to blame for the talent chosen to compete, Head coach Doug Pederson is to blame for not having the team ready to play and the offensive scheme in place to accommodate the talent given to him. The only bright spot Monday night at the Link was the defense. They stepped up for the most part of the game but even they made some mental mistakes that cost them. Committing stupid penalties and playing undisciplined football contributed to the misery of Monday Night. Once again the Eagles offense had an unbalanced attack throwing the ball 45 times and only running 14 times, including Wentz's five , running for his life rushing attempts. Wentz went 25 of 45 for 215 yards with two TD's, one with 14 seconds left on the clock and one INT. Once again Wentz's QB rating didn't get out of the 70's. It's not easy playing QB in front of an offensive line who can't protect you, Wentz was sacked another six times. I realize that the Eagles offensive line has been decimated by injurIes. Every team in the NFL at this point in the season have injuries to deal with but the Eagles can't seem to overcome them. It's brutal to watch, it's embarrassing and its inevitable that there will be changes coming to your favorite football team soon!! This team isn't prepared for prime time. It's a result of bad talent evaluation, bad planning, bad coaching, bad execution and it's time to end the misery. It's time for the Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to make a change!!

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