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Penn state’s D Recovers in the last 6 Minutes

Penn State takes down number 10 Wisconsin with a 16 to 10 defeat on the road. The main reason why the Lions won was they put together a great game defensively, especially in the last 6 minutes of the matchup. Who stepped up after LB Ellis Brooks for Penn State got ejected? Let's go back for a second to discuss how good Ellis Brooks was for Penn State before the ejection. He is a powerful guy who bullies people, recognizes schemes, is a line protector, and is a very physical player who tosses his body in the pile to make a tackle. The defense late in the fourth quarter was utilizing a zone coverage type scheme for example, with six minutes to go, Wisconsin’s running back was running a pass play and LB Brandon Smith and CB Tario Field attacked the RB once he took 2 steps towards their zone. Another prime example was when CB Joey Porter Jr had a great jump to run to his right to catch the ball off Quarterback Graham Mertz in zone coverage. Penn State could have lost rhythm after losing their best defender in Ellis Brooks but the Lions made an adjustment to change the style they were running to upset the Badgers on the road.

By Contibutor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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