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Penn State used Combinations to Win Against Auburn

The Nittany Lions took down 22-ranked Auburn 28 to 20 Saturday night in Happy Valley. Penn State used a lot of formations offensively especially the wide receiver and tight end combinations who cut through the Tigers defense all game. How? The Lions won this game because the Tigers never made adjustments to attack the formations Penn State was running. For instance, tight end Brenton Strange in the fourth quarter was at the line up at the line of scrimmage before making a swim move to catch the ball, the left side of the field. Another example is when Sean Clifford signaled wide receiver, Jahan Dotson, over from the left side to the right to make an unbelievable pass to the wide-open tight end, Brendon Strange in the second quarter. Number ten rank Penn State continued to show dominance offensively by using those plays to defeat Auburn 28-20.

By Contrbutor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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