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Philadelphia Bullied Atlanta All Game

Despite a slow start, the Philadelphia Union fought back to tie the game against Atlanta FC United on Sunday night. The boys in blue had to slow down the number one ranked team that has dominated offensively this year. It all started with guys like Jacob Glesnes and Kai Wagner tormenting the Atlanta players. The Union’s defense showed up which gave the offense more opportunities to score.

How Did Glesnes and Wagner Bully Their Opponents Defensively?

Don’t forget that Atlanta has the best offense while Philadelphia’s is ranked 22nd. Glesnes and Wagner had to switch up Atlanta’s tempo by playing aggressive defense and fouling when necessary. In the 59th minute, Jacob Glesnes tackled Erick Torres in the neutral zone, stopping any potential play for Atlanta. The play resulted in a foul but it was needed at the time. Before Jacob Glesnes broke up the play, Philadelphia's defenders Kacper Przbylko and Oliver Mbaizo stopped Franco Ibarra from passing the ball any direction besides straight ahead, which allowed Glesnes to make a play. In the 62nd minute, Wagner made another smart play on Atlanta’s Erik Lopez. How? Before Lopez got the ball in the zone, FC United’s Ezequiel Barco touched the ball in the neutral zone and was advancing up the field until Leon Flach cut him off. That forced Barco to pass to Lopez on the right side of the Union’s net and Wagner slid into his legs to break up the play and a potential goal for Atlanta. Plays like these and others were the reason Philadelphia was able to climb back into, and eventually tie, the game. Philadelphia made other big moments but just know that is the reason why Philadelphia was able to climb back into the game.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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