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Philadelphia Flyers: Where Do We Go From Here

The 2020-2021 season was a year to forget for the Philadelphia Flyers. Some would say the Matt Niskinen surprise retirement hurt the Flyers defensively this past season; they were right. With Niskinen out, there was a gaping hole in the defense. Ivan Provorov, Travis Sanheim, Justin Braun, Erik Gustafsson, Robert Hagg, and Shayne Gostisbehere struggled mightily to defend one on one matchups, and more importantly protect Carter Hart in a tough division. The two top lines for the Flyers had trouble creating and executing offensive plays. For instance, the Flyers' wingers struggled to create separation from their opponents on the left and right sides of the rink. However, the major issue with the 2021 Flyers was simply their lack of energy. If we address these issues in free agency or the trade market, the roster will drastically get better.

Top NHL Free Agents the Flyers Should Consider

1). Tomas Tatar, Montreal Canadiens Left Winger

Why is he a good fit?

In the 2021 season, Tomas Tatar had 10 goals, 20 assist goals, and 30 points. Tatar will make the Philadelphia Flyers a very fast team. Tomas fits best with Claude Giroux on the second line since that line lacked speed.


  • Excellent finisher

  • Creative puck skills

  • Great speed

2). Tyson Barrie, Edmonton Oilers Defensemen

Why is he a good fit?

This season Tyson Barrie had 8 goals, 40 assists, equaling 48 points. Tyson will be a perfect guy to mentor Ivan Provorov as his style of play is very similar.


  • Pure goal scorer

  • Big rebound scorer

  • Strong blocker statistically

Top Trade Targets Philadelphia Should Regard

1). Jordan Kyrou, St. Louis Blues Right Winger

This trade may happen because the Blues are the second team that is 17 million past the cap. Jordan Kyrou had a breakout season with 14 goals, 21 assists, and 35 points.

Why is he a good Fit?

  • Not afraid to be physical

  • Patient in the zone.

Trade value:

Nolan Patrick and a future pick

2). Seth Jones is the defenseman the Flyers need to acquire. In the 2021 season, he had 5 goals, 23 assists, and 28 points.

Why is he a good fit?

  • Handles puck well in the zone

  • Quick in the transition game

  • Shutdown defenseman

Trade Value:

Travis Sanheim, Nolan Patrick, and a future pick for Seth Jones

By Contributing Blogger,

Jake Mauriello

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