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Philadelphia lock-in Couturier Long Term

Sean Couturier’s new contract extension electrifies Philadelphia for eight years, 62 million. What does this new deal mean? Chuck Fletcher is locking up Couturier for the present and the future. Sean Couturier has the tools to become the next captain for the Philadelphia Flyers such as having tremendous puck skills, being a fighter on every possession, and being able to correct his own mistakes. Those 3 characteristics make Sean Couturier a strong candidate because young players will follow in his footsteps. Another reason to believe Sean could be a future captain is an NHL writer, Adam Kimelman stated in his article that Claude Giroux didn’t agree on a deal yet and Chuck Fletcher stated, "I've had good conversations with Claude and with Pat Brisson, his agent, and at this point, our plan is to play the season out and we'll talk at the end of the season," Fletcher said. "We're both comfortable with that. Claude's our captain, he's a great player, and I anticipate that we'll find a way to continue that relationship going forward. But right now I think what we'll do is we'll just get through the season and we'll look at the situation and see where he's at {and} see where we're at and we'll do what's best for everybody." This just means Sean Couturier’s deal could anticipate Philadelphia may look at Sean as the next Captain of the Flyers.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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