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Philadelphia’s Batters Scorch Boston Saturday Evening

Wow! The Philadelphia Phillies pounded the baseball in an 11 to 2 victory over the Boston Red Sox. The Phillies won battles at the plate and forced the Red Sox starting pitcher, Martin Perez to end the night with 73 pitches in the fourth inning. Philadelphia’s hitters showed dominance at the plate from beginning to end

How did Segura, Bohm and Hoskins Demonstrate Dominance?

Philadelphia battled back in counts to slow down Boston’s pitchers. At the top of the first inning, Martin Perez had a 3-2 count on Segura. Segura hit a fastball on the right side of the plate and smacked it out of the park. Alec Bohm in the second inning hit a fastball right down the middle over the green monster. Rhys Hoskins won an 0-2 count against Josh Taylor by hitting a low slider in the zone to make the Phillies lead even bigger making it 11-2. The Red Sox bullpen had no answer for the Phillies' offense as they allowed 8 more runs after Perez was pulled.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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