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Sergio Santos Redeems himself Saturday Night

The Union won 2-1 against D.C. United Saturday night in Philadelphia. Santos struggled to help the Union until the 84th minute of the game where his assist broke the tie.

How Did Santos Rescue the Union?

Let’s be mindful that Santos fouled Joseph Mora and Julian Gressel less than a minute apart, which required two free-kicks in the 48th minute. D.C. United did not have much luck on the first but struck gold on the second free-kick. In the 84th minute, D.C. United defenders, Yamil Asad and Steven Birnbaum tried to defend Santos, but Sergio made some moves to clear a way for Kacper Przybyłko to score. Even though Santos made two major mistakes, he recovered to help the Union secure a win in Philadelphia.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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