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The Belmont is back!

Last Saturday the Belmont Stakes was the first major horse race to return from the Covid-19 shutdown. As a result of the disruption from the pandemic shutdown the Triple Crown horse racing series had to make adjustments, like everything else. The first big race back was the Belmont! I was very excited to see the return of horse racing, it made me feel good to put on the TV and see something live!! There were no fans in attendance, which will be the reality of sports moving forward in the near future but at least its a start! The Belmont Stakes which is usually the third race of the Triple Crown series and the longest race at a mile and a half was the first to run and at a shorter distance. This year the Belmont the length of the Belmont was a mile and a eighth. The Belmont Stakes horse race has been running since 1867 long before Belmont park was constructed. On last Saturdays show, The Locker Room with Billy Schweim we had Jeffery Nash from Jeff grew up around horse racing and knows a thing or two about horses. Check out his website and get up to date information about the status of the horses running in the biggest races. To listen to the replay of the show check my podcast on most podcast sites. The Locker Room with Billy Schweim on Spotify, Google podcasts and six other podcasts platforms.

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