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The Birds get Filleted by the Fish. Stubborn Doug does it again.

For the third straight game the Eagles lose to a team that can't stop the run. The Eagles, with a golden opportunity to move into a first place tie with the Dallas Cowboys ,didn't take advantage of playing an inferior team in Miami. The Dolphins, who avg less than fifteen points a game, hung 37 points against the Eagles normally stingy defense. This loss really hurts and exposes some serious problems this team has moving forward. At the beginning of the NFL season we, the fans, were told by reporters who cover the team and players alike about how good this team is. We were told that on paper this Eagles team was better then the 2017 Superbowl championship team. What happen, where did it go wrong and who is to blame? As we all know injuries happen and are a part of the game. The Eagles have had their share of them but can't use that as an excuse for their poor play. Carson Wentz isn't playing like a franchise QB that he has displayed in the past. Dropping passes and missing wide open receivers has contributed to their inconsistent play for sure but the biggest reason for the Eagles underachieving this year( 5-7) is Coaching!! Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has not coached well. His playing calling has been subject. There has been some team tension in the locker room with rumors of dissension and players commenting on the lack of leadership of some players. There has been rumors of players missing or being late to meetings. Players nursing injuries and on and on. But for me its Coaching!! Doug Pederson is stubborn and refuses to run the ball and put his team in a position to win. If you don't have receivers to catch the ball, run it. If you don't have offensive lineman to pass block, run the ball!! If you play against teams who can't stop the run, RUN THE BALL!!!!! Doug your team has been smelling themselves since winning the Superbowl and I get it but its your job to recognize it and address it. Doug its your job to exploit teams weakness!! Doug the honeymoon is over and its time to start get back to winning, you know "the knew normal" or your time in Philadelphia will start to flow like sand through the hour glass.

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