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The Eagles buffaloed the Bills!!!

The Eagles season was in the balance on Sundays outcome. The weather was inclement, the Eagles team chemistry was in question and the wind swirled more than coach Doug Pederson's play calling. Using injuries and inconsistent play was no longer going to be tolerated, every team in the NFL has their problems! All signs pointed to trouble for the Eagles if they lost their third road game in a row. A funny thing happened Sunday in Orchard Park, NY, Sunday, the Eagles won!! They beat the 5-1 Bills 31 -13(5-2) to even their record to 4-4. The Bills defense came into the game as one of the stingiest in the league only giving up about 15 points per game and ranking 3rd in the league against the pass. I was skeptical that this Eagles team was heading in the wrong direction and going to Buffalo to take on a Bills team that is trending up from its dismal recent past, was in for a tough, close scoring game. I predicted on my show that the Eagles would lose 20-17. To my delight and I'm ecstatic that I was wrong, the Eagles proved me WRONG!! Yes, the Eagles won and our season has hope and we are still relevant and all is well in the world..... Today!!

One big reason for the Eagles success was the run game. The Eagles ran the ball for 41 times for 218 yards and hit pay dirt three times!! Running backs Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders are a dynamic duo that Head Coach (play caller) Doug Pederson should use more often. With the return of DeSean Jackson in question and a receiving core that hasn't preformed as well as we thought they would at the beginning of the year, it makes sense to run the ball. RUN THE BALL Doug!!! When you are able to run the ball well you accomplish a few things. One; Keep Carson Wentz from having to win the game himself and taking unnecessary hits. Two; possess the clock and in doing so keeps the other offense off the field. Three; Keeps your defense fresh! Its not rocket science Doug!!! With this Eagles team the formula for winning is RUN THE BALL!!!! Lets see if this team can build on Sundays Big win!!

Dynamic Duo

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