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The Eagles Season Ends with a loss!

The 2020 season is over for the Philadelphia Eagles. The season was usual to say the least with the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and precautions each team had to navigate through. Going into the year there were no OTA's, No preseason games and most of the coaching was done virtually on zoom. Players new and old had no interactions with each other. To me the season was doomed from the beginning for the Eagles who's play has declined since their Superbowl victory in 2017/18. But we can't blame the pandemic for the Eagles shortcomings this year. The Eagles problems lie with the person in charge of acquiring players. The people in charge of talent evaluations, the person in charge of the salary cap, the person is their GM Howie Roseman. Over the last three years the problem with drafting players that can't make an impact on the field has become an issue. Head coach Doug Pederson is also to blame for not having his players ready to play and prepared. The play calling, the injuries and the personal are all inadequate. This team has regressed and so has their franchise Quarterback Carson Wentz. After three quarters of the season ,Wentz was benched and backup QB Jalen Hurts replaced him. Hurts, you remember was picked in the second round, 53rd overall by the Birds which raised some eyebrows at the time. That did not sit well with Wentz as reports surfaced that Wentz wants a trade out of Philly. On the last game of the NFL regular season on national TV the Eagles faced the Washington Football team with a skeleton lineup due to "injuries". With the NFC East division on the line for Washington the Birds didn't appear to want to win. Several moves made by Doug Pederson, not kicking a tying Field Goal, beaching his starting QB in the second half of a competitive, winnable game didn't sit well with players, fans and other teams around the league. It was embarrassing to be an Eagles Fan. With nothing to play for but a better slot in next years draft, the Eagles did their best to secure a 4-11-1 record and the sixth spot on the draft board. Will the Eagles take advantage of a high draft pick, I doubt it. They haven't done a good job drafting so don't get your hopes high as long as Howie Roseman is in charge. The Sixers and Flyers are the next teams to focus on and we will!

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