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The Eagles drop to 1-2!

The Philadelphia Eagles have squandered opportunities to win games even when they have not played up to their expectations!! We were told during the off season and leading into game one about how good this team is. Players and coaches alike told us how this team has more talent then the 2017 Superbowl team. Well talk is cheap! This team, despite the injuries should be 3-0 heading into this Thursday nights game against Green Bay!! This Eagles squad has underachieved and have made several mistakes, Dropped passes, fumbles, penalties and the injuries are a result in not being conditioned. I wonder if devaluing the Pre-Season is costing the Eagles a 3-0 start? I wonder if the the starters were more involved during the Pre-Season would the offense be a more cohesive unit? What I do know is this Eagles team is off to a horrible start!! What I do know is playing on a short week up in Green Bay on a Thursday night isn't easy! Aaron Rodgers and the Pack are 3-0 and looking like they are clicking on all cylinders! The Eagles can't afford to drop another game! 1-3 after four games isn't where i thought this team would be!

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