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The Eagles part ways with Pederson

On Monday the Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie felt the need to move on from Doug Pederson as Head Coach. After compiling a 42-37-1 record over his five years and a Super bowl ring, head coach Doug Pederson finds himself on the unemployment line. With a winning record and a ring on his resume, Doug won't be unemployed for long. Was Doug the primary problem with the Eagles dismal and dysfunctional season where injuries and an ageing roster was evident. The Covid-19 pandemic made the start of the season anything but normal. The teams inability to have OTA's and face to face meetings with new players became a major hurdle. Finally the team wasn't able to create chemistry in a way that is traditional for a football team. Are these excuses or valid reasons why owner Jeffery Lurie decided Doug had to go? Listening to some of the press conference it became evident the Lurie wants more control of football operations and that GM Howie Roseman will not be held accountable for the lack of talent or mistakes he has made over the last five years. Doug had a vision on how to restore the teams winning ways sooner rather than later. Doug wanted more control with the evaluation process in acquiring players that he was responsible to coach. Jeffery Lurie didn't want to give in to Dougs requests and with Lurie's allegiance to Howie Roseman that was never going to happen. Lurie's commitment to Roseman has lead to the dysfunction and the decline the Eagles experienced since winning the Superbowl three years ago. With Roseman in charge and a meddling owner, which is never good, I'm afraid its is going to be the beginning of a long drought before the Eagles regain their winning ways. As long as Howie Roseman is incharge I don't care who the coach is, they will never be on the big stage holding the Lombardi trophy.

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