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The Last Dance.

It has just occurred to me that I missed it. During the nineties I was living on the beach in Ocean City, NJ and working at USAirways. I was footloose and fancy free. I was surfing and traveling the country going to sporting events and partying like there was no tomorrow. I am a big sports fan and support my home town teams passionately. From 1991 to 1998 the Philadelphia 76ers were bad. Since the Sixers were so bad my support waned a bit. They were an unwatchable team that didn't win more than thirty one games in a year. The Sixers never placed higher than tenth place in the eastern conference during that decade and my enthusiasm for basketball dropped faster then the team did in the standings. I did watch the NBA but casually. I obviously watched the Bulls and Michael Jordan play, who didn't, but not to the degree that I should , knowing that one day I would have my own sports talk show. I have been watching The Last Dance and I'm really enjoying it. I realise how much i missed or simply don't remember because my team, the Philadelphia 76ers STUNK!!! If the Sixers were better and more competitive I would know more about Jordan's career than I do. I know how great he was and watched him play numerous times but because the Sixers sucked I was robbed of my interest of the rest of the league. I am a casualty of the lack of success and the horrible basketball we had to watch. I'm really enjoying " The Last Dance" because we get to see a side of Michael Jordan that the majority of people didn't know or see. Michael Jordan was very competitive and didn't like to lose, on any level. His drive to be the best is evident and it's refreshing to see it again. With the world on hold and trying to get through the Covid 19 pandemic. The Last Dance helps us remember the greatness of Michael Jordan and relive things I missed. Is Michael Jordan the greatest basketball player? I think so, Six time NBA championships, Six time NBA finals MVP, 5 time MVP of the league, 14 time NBA all star. Defensive player of the year and Rookie of the year. I could go on and on but you get the Idea. If you were lucky enough to see him play or be alive during his run in the NBA, you saw the greatest player ever!!

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