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The Match

On Sunday I watched The Match on TV. It was very entertaining to be able to watch something competitive and live. It got the juices flowing again and keep me glued to the tube. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning paired up with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson to play a round of golf for charity. It was different format of golf that you see on the PGA tour and of course Brady and Manning are amateurs but they are both HOF QB's that are very competitive. The players wore shorts and drove their own golf carts which isn't allowed on tour, a very relaxed setting. Unlike the PGA tour the players were able to talk with the announcers while they drove their golf carts. This aspect you won't see either on the PGA tour. One of the commentators was Charles Barkley and his interactions with the guys was hysterical. Another aspect of The Match that I enjoyed was the gambling. At one point Tom Brady was struggling to keep is shot in the fairway and wasn't playing well. When Brady was ready to Tee off at the next hole, a par three, Barkley announced that if Brady hit the green, Barkley would donate $50,000 to his charity. Tom stepped to the tee box and sliced his shot into to brush and trees off to the right of the green. He Missed the green and you could see it pissed the GOAT off. It was so evident the Tom Brady doesn't like to lose, on any level. That's the passion that sports brings us. We can feel the drive in these competitors feel and inspire young people to strive for. Sports is so important to our society and culture that we need it back soon!!! Real soon !!!!! Seeing golf in a different light on TV was very cool and entertaining. During this COVID-19 pandemic something good came out of it. Seeing our favorite football players go head to head in a different sport was good. I give it a A for watchibility !!!

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