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The NFL daft provides hope and inspiration.

The NFL will hold its 85th annual draft this year on time but under very different circumstances. The draft has become a huge spectator event and cities who host the spectacle gets an enormous economic windfall. The publicity that the hosting city generates will help with tourism and put the city, if done right, on the map. This year however is different. This year, 2020 we are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. A virus that has shut down our entire society. The government has recommended that all public gatherings be suspended until we stop the spread of this very contagious virus. That includes the cancellation of all sporting events and their respective seasons until further notice. Its been over a month since we've been left without live sports to watch. Well the NFL will put on the draft but with a unique way of doing it. The commissioner will announce in front of TV cameras the name of the team drafting and the player being called will be set up in front of their computer, on Facetime or Zoom or other platforms to respond to the team who picked and their fans. But is more than a draft, this about getting back some sense of normalcy. This is the first time in over a month that we will be able to watch a live event unfold in real time. Its the first time we can cheer or boo our team. Its giving us hope that not all is lost. I can't wait for Thursday night to watch the NFL draft live on ESPN and the NFL Network to see how innovative they can be with this event. I hope my team the Philadelphia Eagles draft the right players but I'm just excited that we can watch something other than reruns of great games of the past. I'm encouraged that we can get back to normal and recover from this nightmare of the past two months!!!!!

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