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The Phillies Have Everyone Right Where They Want Them

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Article Written by Michael Doctorovitz

Originally Published on June 27, 2023

After getting handed a series win by the New York Mets on Sunday afternoon, the Philadelphia Phillies now sit at 40-37 having won 15 of their last 20.

Although they’ve been hot, the Phillies still sit four games back of the streaking Miami Marlins for second place in the division and 10 games back of the first place Atlanta Braves.

In the wild card race, the Phillies continue to chase the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are 9-11 in their last 20 and sit behind the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants in the NL West.

Through 77 games last season, the Phillies were also 40-37. Last season’s team was better than this team though. They were pitching and hitting with more consistency and power at this point last season.

Last season’s team also had Rhys Hoskins who, although his defense cost the team a few games last season, is easily an upgrade from Kody Clemens or Darrick Hall simply for what he provides from the right side of the plate. Through 27 games in June last year, Hoskins hit .306 with seven home runs, 15 RBI and 16 runs scored. This season in June, Clemens is hitting .175 with no home runs, three RBI and two runs scored.

The Phillies have everyone right where they want them though because, not only is the record the same as last year through 77 games, but this team has more talent. Once Bryce Harper returns to the field and plays first base, Kyle Schwarber moves to DH. That simple move will help Schwarber mentally and physically and the quicker that happens, the sooner the Phillies will rise in the standings. By the time the All-Star break hits, this team will be in second place in the division as things begin to click.

Michael Doctorovitz


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