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The Phillies Offense Relies Too Much On Home Runs

Article Written by Michael Doctorovitz

Originally Published on September 7, 2023

The Philadelphia Phillies caught fire in August, hitting 59 home runs as a team and finishing 7-2 to finish off the month at home.

As the calendar changed to September, the Phillies have reverted back into the inconsistent offense we have seen all season long.

After losing two out of three in a big series against the Milwaukee Brewers, the Phillies went to San Diego where in game one they took a commanding 8-1 lead but almost blew it. After winning game one 9-7, the Phillies were blown out in game two 8-0.

In game two, the Phillies could only muster up three hits. Bryson Stott has been slumping, Bryce Harper is 0 for his last 19, Nick Castellanos is 2-23, the bullpen is leaking oil, Michael Lorenzen has allowed 19 runs in his last 21 innings and Trea Turner, who finally started playing like his normal self, is now on paternity leave.

It has been an all around mess for the Phillies since leaving to go to Milwaukee. When they were at home, the team looked like they were having more fun and playing more freely. They go on the road and they look tight and tense and sometimes look like they don’t want to be there.

The Phillies now only hold a 1.5 game lead over the Chicago Cubs for the number one wild card spot. The same spot where just over a week ago, they held a four game lead in.

If this team expects to win in the playoffs, they have to learn to win on the road. At the end of last season, when they were fighting for their playoff lives, they were on the road for the majority and they won on the road. T

hat confidence in winning on the road carried right into the playoffs where they didn’t lose game one on the road in any playoff series last year. For them to make another playoff push, that road warrior mentality needs to make a comeback and the inconsistencies need to be fixed.

Michael Doctorovitz,


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