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The Sixers Collapsed Again

Despite Monday night's embarrassing loss to Atlanta, Philadelphia found a way to out-do themselves in Wednesday's Game 5 by blowing a 26-point lead. The Sixers played well in the first half but later lost 109 to 106. Joel Embiid set the tone in the first quarter with seventeen points and played some extraordinary defense as well. In the first half, Embiid looked like the runner-up for the MVP. The Sixers shot some fireworks early, but the game turned south in the second half. The team struggled to pick up Joel Embiid when he was hurting, and with no clear second option, the game got away from them.

Why did the Sixers struggle to pick up Joel Embiid in the Second Half?

Philadelphia fans knew the lead was slipping away. The offense was just passing the ball to Embiid and Seth Curry and that game plan simply did not work. The problem was that the Hawks figured out why the Sixers were beating them in the first half. It appeared Doc Rivers had the same game plan heading into the second half but given Atlanta’s adjustments, it failed. Ben Simmons, Furkan Korkmaz, and Tobias Harris continued to miss shots in the second half, and Ben looked like he had lost all confidence. Furkan and Tobias struggled behind the arc. The Sixers will have a hard time winning when their max-contract players in Tobias and Ben are unable to step up.

By Contributor Blogger,

Jacob Mauriello

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