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The Tale of two teams!

The Flyers and 76ers seem to be headed in different directions. While one team is headed to the playoffs with momentum,the other seems to be hanging on while its two best players are recovering from injury going down the stretch. Both teams are incredibly good at home this season. The Sixers are very tough to beat at home with an NBA best home record of 28 wins to only 2 losses so far this season. The Flyers have become a juggernaut at home this year with one of the best home records in the NHL 23-5-4. Why do both these teams perform so well at home? Does the home crowd in Philly give the home team that much of an advantage an intimidate its visiting opponents. The basketball court and the rink in the Wells Fargo Center is the same size and dimensions as any other arena in the league. I can't figure it out and hope it continues.

Going into this season the Flyers expectations weren't as high as the Sixers. With a new coach, Alain Vigneault and a couple of free agent signings and a trade, neither of which set Flyers nation of fire, the Flyers have given their diehards something to cheer about. Kevin Hayes has played extremely well to the point when he scores a goal the Flyers are 18-0-1. New defenseman Matt Niskanen (acquired in a trade for Radko Gudas) has solidified the blue line and has lead the younger players on defense. While the Flyers are trending up the Sixers are very disappointing. There inability to win on the road is concerning with the worst road record in the NBA at 9-22 with teams headed towards the playoffs. The Sixers two best players are on the shelf and with the playoffs looming they need to get healthy and instill some confidence with their fans!!

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