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There Should Not Be a Pity Party For Trea Turner

Article Written by Michael Doctorovitz

Originally Published on August 3rd, 2023

If you were the Philadelphia Phillies, you also would have given Trea Turner this contract or possibly more than this current contract. To be honest with you, we would probably do it again 10/10 times because that is the player Trea Turner is.

It has been a historic drop off for Turner, one that people say they have never seen before. Since the grand slam that he hit in the World Baseball Classic, nothing has been the same. It has been nothing but inconsistencies and struggles that are so public that there is no need to go in depth about them.

Turner has handled all of the scrutiny and the struggles well though. He has taken the blame and has taken the responsibility. He has been nothing but a professional about it all.

However, just because he has handled it professionally does not mean we should be throwing him a pity party. You don’t need to feel bad for a guy who is making $30 million a year because he is getting boo’d for his poor play. He deserves the boos. He does also deserve an ovation.

Just last season, the fans of Philadelphia backed up Alec Bohm after he had a dreadful night against the Mets, faced some boos and said “I F’n hate this place.” The standing ovation that he received the next night helped lift him up and let him know that we had his back. The same should be done for Trea Turner.

What is going on with Turner isn’t for a lack of trying. He has been obsessing over his struggles all season and you can tell that he is bothered and almost exhausted with the fact that he hasn’t been able to turn it around.

Turner will be here for the next 10+ years and if he were to receive a standing ovation on Friday, I’m sure it would help him a bit mentally. He might continue to struggle, he might turn it around but at least he’ll know that we do not hate him, we just simply want him to perform up to his standards.

Michael Doctorovitz.


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