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This time Doug drops the ball!! Eagles lose game to the Patriots! Eagles offense anemic!!!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The Eagles lost to the Superbowl defending champions yesterday 17-10. The Eagles jumped to a 10-0 early lead with the help from a 49 yard pass interference penalty and a 16 play 95 yard drive which took 9:33 off the clock. After that the Eagles offense took the rest of the game off. It was probably the worst play calling by head coach Doug Pederson this year. The Eagles went into this game with a couple of key injuries to the offense. Knowing that Alshon Jeffery and Howard Jordan were unavailable to play and that the Patriots defense gave up over 4.6 yards a carry, the Eagles offensive strategy should have been to RUN the Ball!!!! Once again Doug Pederson's lopsided play calling, run/pass didn't bear fruit. The coach called 40 pass plays and only 21 running plays against a defense that doesn't stop the run well. Carson Wentz didn't have a good day either recording a passer rating of only 74.4. His receivers were over matched and couldn't get open and when they did, Wentz couldn't get them the ball. All in all it was a bad day for the offense. Doug Pederson needs to understand his opponents weakness and exploit it. He needs to put his QB in a good position to win the game. Carson Wentz needs to play better if this Eagles team has a chance to win!! Football is a simple game, figure out your opponents weakness and go after it. Stop trying to get a square peg in a round hole, Doug!!!!

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