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Tis The Season

As Christmas approaches you can feel the hustle and bustle in the air. We decorate are homes in the holiday tradition and go shopping for our loved ones. The anticipation of the first snow fall is in the air!! The NBA is starting their season and the NHL isn't to far behind. But last Sunday the Eagles gave us an early Christmas present. Eagles Head coach Doug Pederson made a change at Quarterback and started the rookie Jalen Hurts. The Eagles losers of four straight games needed a spark, they needed something to turn the tide and resurrect their season. Low and behold the Eagles found their Messiah, Jalen Hurts!! The Eagles rallied around the rookie and played a great game. The New Orleans Saints came to town with a nine game winning streak and the best defense in the league. The Saints lost to the home team 24-21. Behind Jalen Hurts the Eagles looked like a different team. The defense played well and created a turnover. The secondary, even though they suffered injuries to a couple of their starters, more on that, played well. The offensive line did their job and didn't allow Hurts to be sacked. They ran the ball with both RB MIles Sanders and QB Hurts gaining over a hundred yards each. The play calling seemed to have a rhythm to it and head coach Doug Pederson made decisions that made sense. But the biggest reason why the Eagles won this game was the play of Jalen Hurts. He was in command the whole game. Hurts made great decisions with the ball. He threw the ball away when there was nothing there, he ran when he had to but also incorporated designed run plays to add an extra dimension to the offense that kept the Saints guessing. The Eagles were exciting to watch and that's something that hasn't happened in awhile. With the win the Eagles improve to 4-8-1 and believe it or not they still have a chance to win the NFC East. The win came at an expense as they lost a couple more players to injury. They lost safety Rodney McLeod for the rest of the season, which is a big blow to the defense and offensive lineman Jack Driscoll. Both suffered Knee injuries that will require surgery. If you believe in Santa well then maybe you will receive another present this week when the Eagles travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals next sunday.

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