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Trea Turner Needs To Sit

Article Written by Michael Doctorovitz

Originally Published by July 25, 2023

The Philadelphia Phillies signed Trea Turner to a 10 year, $300 million contract this past offseason. Turner, who by many coming into the season, was seen as the best shortstop in baseball, is having a dreadful season.

It is no longer okay to say “he’ll bounce back,” or “he’ll get going.” It is July 25th and we are now 100 games into the season. This is where the season becomes a sprint. The Phillies sit 0.5 game back from the third wild card spot in the National League and are only one game back from the top wild card spot.

Last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Turner hit .298 with 21 home runs, 100 RBI and an OPS .809. This season, he is batting .247 with 10 home runs and 34 RBI with an OPS of .687. He has been abysmal at the plate and has also committed 12 errors this season.

What Turner needs is a day off, or multiple days off. His latest collapse came on Monday night against the Baltimore Orioles when he went 0-3 with a strikeout and committed two errors before getting thrown out of the game.

Turner doesn’t only need a day off, he needs a change. Hitting second in the lineup is obviously not working. You simply cannot have Kyle Schwarber, who is hitting .185 with 26 home runs, followed up with Turner.

Instead, unless a trade happens, the Phillies lineup should be some variation of:

1. Schwarber, DH, 2. Stott, 2B, 3. Castellanos, RF, 4. Harper, 1B, 5. Bohm, 3B, 6. Realmuto, C, 7. Turner, SS, 8. Marsh, CF and 9. Rojas/Cave, LF.

There is no reason for Josh Harrison to be starting, in fact there is no reason for Harrison to even be on the team. Sitting Turner for a day or two and switching his spot in the lineup could possibly turn the season around for him or at least make him more comfortable.

Michael Doctorovitz


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