Wentz's play Hurts for Philly

It was inevitable !!! Carson Wentz isn't the same Quarterback he was in 2017. He isn't the same QB he was the last four games of last year. The big question is why? What is the reason for Wentz's poor play? Is it the numerous injuries that the offensive line has sustained this year. Is it the receivers inability to get open? Is it the play calling? Is it the coaching staff's lack of instruction and communicating skills? Who is to blame for the demise of the Eagles offense and in particular QB Carson Wentz? On Sunday in Green Bay the Eagles offense was down right offensive. They looked horrible. Carson Wentz was out of sync on almost every passing attempt made during the first three quarters. He only played three quarters and was benched in favor of Jalen Hurts. Wentz went 6-15 for 79 yards and sacked 4 times for 22 yards. His passer rating was an abysmal 57.4 but it looked worse than the numbers suggest, if that's possible. On almost every passing attempt he was pressured and had to tuck it and run, seven of the twenty five rushing attempts were the QB scrambles out of trouble. Jalen Hurts entered the game in the forth quarter and played the rest of the game. Today it was revealed that Jalen Hurts will be the Eagles starting QB this Sunday at the Link against the New Orleans Saints. At 3-8-1 and playing some of the worst football I've seen in years, its time for a change. What does this mean for the Eagles organization, what direction are they headed with regards to the QB position. Will Carson sit for the rest of the season? Will Doug Pederson put Wentz back into the starting lineup. It remains to be seen but one thing we know for sure is that the Eagles are a bad football team looking for some spark. Does it even matter at this point?

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