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What Team will we see in 2nd Half

At the beginning of the 2020 season the Eagles had high expectations. Many people predicted that the Eagles would win the weak NFC East. The Covid pandemic forced the league to take precautions to protect the players and staffs by eliminating the preseason games and modifying their normal routines. As a result of these precautions and restrictions on the NFL and not allowing fans in the stands, there as been a peculiar feeling to the season. The covid-19 pandemic has affected all facets of the game. The draft, OTA's, everything you can think of has been altered to help stop the spread of the virus but it has also stopped the harmony. Virtual meetings, players working out on their own at home without the inter-action from their peers. Every team has had to deal with the same circumstances but the Eagles seem to have one more thing to deal with that they haven't been able to over come, injuries!! Injuries have depleted this team. Only two starters on offense at the beginning of the year have remained in the lineup to this point of the season.

Center Jason Kelce is the only offensive lineman that hasn't missed a game. The four other starters on the O-line have missed a combined 25 games. Three of their four backups have missed 7 games due to injury. QB Carson Wentz is the only other starter not to miss any games. The fact that Carson Wentz hasn't missed any games is a miracle in its self. Wentz has been sacked a league high 32 times and has been hit a whole bunch more. As a result of not having any continuity, Wentz has been trying to do everything on his own, extend plays, run more and his play has suffered. Wentz is a turnover machine with 12 interceptions and 7 fumbles. Even though the Eagles are in first place with a 3-4-1 record, they still have a chance to get it right in the second half of the season. Once they start to get some of the injured players back on the field and can stay healthy we might see a different team then we did in the first half of the season. The Birds have a tough schedule in the second half and its starts this Sunday against the improved NY Giants who the Eagles just barley beat three weeks ago 22-21. Lets hope Doug Pederson can coach em up a lot better than he did for the first 8 games of the 2020 season!!

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