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With Acrimony in the air, can sports be the cure?

Cheering for the home team and supporting your favorite team can galvanize a community! It can bring people together from all races and socioeconomic groups. It bonds people together from all walks of life who are in pursuit of the same thing. The players are no different; they all have a common goal of winning the championship. That common goal of winning and being the best is the glue that permeates society. The players have to make sacrifices for their teammates in order to reach the pinnacle of their profession. It’s incumbent of each member of the team to do what is necessary to win! It also shows what we, as a society are capable of accomplishing when working together for the common good. Yes, sports can be a catalyst for transforming and bringing people together! Playing sports teaches us so many valuable life lessons: teamwork, sacrifice, tenacity, humbleness, love for teammates and belief that anything can be achieved with hard work. During the last few months our country has gone through a difficult and stressful time of suffering through the Covid-19 pandemic and the racial unrest that has divided the country. This is the time when we need sports the most! This is a time when our sports stars can show us the way to get over our fear and all the acrimony of the day. We look up to these larger than life sports stars who can inspire and influence major segments of our society. Major league baseball, the NBA and NHL will all resume play at the end of July. Let's hope that all the players, coaches and people covering the games stay healthy and show us the way through these tough times.

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