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The Sixers Are Getting The Full James Harden Experience

Article Written by Michael Doctorovitz

Originally Published on July 20, 2023

James Harden is beginning to get on everyone’s nerves. At this point many believe that he never wanted to come here to actually win but instead wanted to come here because he thought his relationship with Daryl Morey would get him the absurd contract that he is seeking.

Well he was wrong.

Reports have now come out that Harden and Morey’s relationship is severed and that Harden wants to play with Russell Westbrook. We’re really supposed to believe that the guy who wants to play with Westbrook for a THIRD time in his career actually cares about winning?

Let’s face the facts. Harden typically shrinks in the playoffs, he does not take care of his body, he forces his way out of every situation, he does not care about winning and just wants a big contract or to go to LA.

James Harden didn’t opt into his contract to help the Philadelphia 76ers. He opted into his contract because there was absolutely no market out there for him and he has no intent on helping the Sixers.

Harden supposedly will be at Sixers training camp as of right now but if it were up to some of the fans, Harden wouldn’t be traded or be playing. He would be sitting at home, not playing, losing money and destroying any market that he might have for himself. He made this bed himself and it is now time for him to lie in it. Instead he will show up disgruntled and out of shape, similar to what he did in Houston and Brooklyn, and will force the Sixers to either sit him or trade him.

Running it back one more year with the Sixers and Joel Embiid to show his worth is still an option and reports have come out that the Sixers would like to bring him back but many fans never want to see him in a Sixers uniform again.

Looking back on things, you most definitely still make the Ben Simmons for James Harden trade. There is no question about it. It just is unfortunate that it seems this outcome was inevitable.

Michael Doctorovitz


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